Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Belgrove, clockwise. 4.30pm.

'Put it back.'
'You put it back.'
'You pulled it.'
'You thought of it.'
Boys argue: a string of dog bag bunting runs from the box to a lamp post.


Misha said...

What is a dog bag bunting? I'm not familar with the term (in the USA). I'd love to be educated!

Clare said...

Ha ha, you probably won't when you hear it!

There are dispensers of bags to put dog poo in at the corners of the park. The boys had pulled out the string of bags and wrapped it around a lamp post.

Bunting is those strings of triangular flags that you see decorating streets on high days and holidays.

Lucy said...

At least they had a conscience about it!
I loved those suspended babies and their mums too.