Friday, 25 September 2009

Mount Ephraim, anticlockwise. 6.30pm.

Half moon getting brighter as we walk. Air is cooling. Teenagers sit in a ring (like fairy circle mushrooms). Now the bracken is cut, a natural amphitheatre has opened up.


rosebud101 said...

I always see wonderful pictures in my mind when you write! Thank you for sharing!

Lucy said...

Either TW teenagers are a nobler breed than the common run, or you (and Joe) have a nobler vision of them - I think it is the latter!

Clare said...

I try to reflect my own memories of being a teenager in my attitude to them.

We seemed to be in the way wherever we went. We felt awkward filling our parents' living rooms with great feet and long limbs. Pubs didn't want us. We never had enough money even for the few coffee shops that there were (there are tonnes more these days, and I'm always pleased to see teenagers using them, even if they are noisy).

I'm sure people thought we were loud and threatening: really we were harmless, actually rather scared of everyone else.

But I expect the privileged kids find it pretty easy to be polite and well-behaved!