Saturday, 3 October 2009

Mount Ephraim, anticlockwise. 11.30am.

Two jays fly across the hillside. Their pink-brown plumage and mischievous chuckling make me think of streakers running around a sports field laughing at the police. Naked as jaybirds.


rosebud101 said...


Lucy said...

How funny, and how clever of you to connect their behavious with the expression... yet the expression seems to me American, and their jays are blue!

Clare said...

The colour of English jays does look a bit like naked flesh, doesn't it. I love the expression, naked as a jaybird. And I always hope they've dropped a blue striped feather, too.

The Gorsoon said...

There is something about your style and observations that reminds me of Charlotte Mew's poetry:

'The short days shorten and the oaks are brown,
The blue smoke rises to the low grey sky,
One leaf in the still air falls slowly down,
A magpie's spotted feathers lie
On the black earth spread white with rime,
The berries redden up to Christmas-time.'

I'm trying my hand at this thirty word discipline; it's not easy!

Clare Grant said...

Thank you! I've not come across Charlotte Mew -- I'll look her up.

It's not easy at first, but practice helps.